Shelina Merani

Shelina Merani

Shelina Merani is a union activist, award winning digital media strategist and stand-up comedian.

Her jokes build bridges between communities and share halal beefs.

In her first professional stage experience in Calgary, Shelina played the lead role of an immigrant Iranian teenager in a play entitled “Skin”. For mature audiences only.

She also won first prize in a lip-synch contest performing the song “Kiss” by her favorite singer Prince. The doves are still crying…

In Québec, Shelina received first prize in a public speaking contest relaying the true story of crashing her dad’s car into a 7-11. Oops.

Today those hips don’t sway the way they used to but despite that, America’s got Talent came to her doorstep to audition her for season 12. The competition was stiff. How can you possibly compete against a singing and dancing dog?

The Ottawa Citizen was there to cover it, putting her on their front page.

When Shelina doesn’t halal chicken out, she covers a variety of topics in her jokes including access to equal space in mosques, union swag and swearing, interfaith marriage, and bad breath during Ramadan.

She also answers that universal question: What’s that called on your head?

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