The resolution submission process is closed. Resolutions submitted prior to the February 4, 2020 deadline will be available to the delegates no later than May 16, 2021.

Resolutions for the CLC’s 29th Triennial Convention were accepted between November 26, 2019, through to February 4, 2020. Prior to the postponement of the 2020 Convention, resolution committees of affiliate representatives were convened to consider all resolutions, develop composite resolutions, and make recommendations to convention delegates. The CLC Canadian Council resolved not to re-open the resolution process for the rescheduled convention.

Only emergency resolutions can be submitted at this point.

Typically, emergency resolutions must address circumstances arising since the resolution deadline, or pertaining to matters that could not have been anticipated before that deadline.

All emergency resolutions will be reviewed by the CLC Canadian Council which has the constitutional authority to decide which ones to bring forward to the convention. The approval of two thirds of convention delegates is required before an emergency resolution can be considered. See Article 11, Section 4.e, of the CLC Constitution.

Emergency Resolution Process


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